May 29

What You Should Know About An Expandable Wooden Wine Rack

If you are looking to save even more space in your kitchen, dining room, or pantry, an expandable wooden wine rack might be a good option for you. Many wine racks are made out of metals and are not at all convertible; meaning that they can not be folded up, folded out or easily put away to make room for something else.

Having an expandable wooden wine rack means that you can store as few or as many wine bottles as your heart desires without having to either store extra bottles elsewhere than in your wine rack or having a huge wine rack taking up more space than is needed for the few bottles that are at present in it, for instance.

People tend to have varying stocks of wine in their homes, at least Americans do anyway. Around holiday seasons, for instance, Americans tend to need more wine storage space and fold out their expandable wooden wine rack; while in other seasons, they are left at their minimum size. In countries such as France and Italy where people store wine by the case, a wine cellar is actually almost a necessity due to the fact that they drink more wine more often however for the average American a wine rack is usually sufficient.

How Does an Expandable Wooden Wine Rack Work?

An expandable wooden wine rack is most often made from wood, making it easy to fold and easily store, whereas metal wine racks are usually fixed. Of course, it is also possible to build metallic wine racks that are expandable, but this would involve far more complicated workmanship. Wooden materials for expandable wine racks are much more efficient; think of the wooden clothing racks you have for drying clothing, with basic peg construction. Of course, I’m

May 28

The Value Of Having Commercial Pub Insurance

If you own a pub, then you should not avoid buying pub insurance. Your business needs to be adequately covered. Putting this off would mean putting your business at risk. The insurance policy provides coverage against claims from employees, public, replacing equipment, replacing stolen stock, damages and so on.

It is of utmost importance that you identify an insurance agent who knows the job perfectly. If the executive is not able to meet your expectations, he obviously is delivering badly and may not be able to help you out when you really need it.

It is the duty of the insurance agent to get you the correct policy that suits your needs and demands. Even in such competitive times, there are many insurance providers who fail to recognise the true value of an esteemed client and lose out on future business. All they are interested is in effecting quick sales.

Check for a cover that specifically is made for pubs, and the insurance broker should be able to understand the requirements of your business. If you want your pub to be considered a separate class or in a separate grade, then you need to mention that to the insurer so that he does not put you in the same grade as that of hotels or nightclubs.
Pub insurance provides coverage against claims from the public. It covers claims from members who deal with your business and for whom you are legally liable. A customer or a client who injures himself when in your pub may claim compensation, and your insurance policy must be able to cover expenses arising out of such an accident. These injury claims can be quite high and without such a policy cover, you could be at a risk, and making payments for such claims all

May 28

How to Make a Yeast Starter

Yeast is an important ingredient in baking as well as making alcoholic beverages. In baked goods, yeast acts as a leavening agent that helps the bread or any other baked product to rise. It makes the baked products light, soft and fluffy. In alcoholic beverages, during the fermentation process, yeast converts the sugar into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol. If you are keen to brew your own beer, then in addition to yeast and other necessary supplies, you will need a yeast starter. A yeast starter is required during the brewing process so that the fermentation of the beer starts as soon as possible. A yeast starter not only helps in starting the fermentation process but it also protects the beer from being contaminated. You need to make your yeast starter two to three days before you actually brew the beer. Here we will take you through the steps on making a yeast starter.

Making a Yeast Starter for Beer

Things required

– Glass jug
– Candy thermometer
– Rubber stopper
– Saucepan with a lid
– Yeast
– Dry malt extract
– Airlock
– Commercial Sanitizer


Make the Unfermented Beer
The first thing that you need to do when brewing beer, is to make the unfermemted version of the beer. This is known as the “wort”. To make the wort, combine one part of the dry malt extract with two part water in a saucepan, and heat it. Bring this mixture to a boil and place a lid over the saucepan to avoid too much evaporation. Once the mixture has boiled for 5-6 minutes, remove it from the flame.

Cool the Unfermented Beer
Once the wort has come to a boil for over 5 minutes, remove the mixture from the flame and allow it to cool. You should place the lid over the saucepan

May 28

Indian Wine Market Outlook To 2015 – Surging Demand By Women

Executive Summary

The report titled “Indian Wine Market Outlook to 2015 Surging Demand by Women” provides a comprehensive analysis on Indian wine market.

The future projections are presented for the base case, conservative case and aggressive case scenario providing an insight on the prospects in the Indian wine industry.

Over the past 5 years, wine consumption has grown at a rapid pace except in FY2009. In 2009, the wine industry suffered a drastic slowdown due to the global economic crisis, inflation, poor monsoon in Mumbai, Government Taxes and November 26, 2008 terrorist attack on Mumbai. Wine consumption has grown at a stupendous CAGR of 25.1% in the last 5 years from consumption of 0.62 million in FY2005 to ~ million cases in FY2010. The per capita consumption of wine was ~ milliliters in FY2010 which has grown at a CAGR of 23.2%.

Red wine is the most consumed type of wine in India. It accounts for more than half, i.e. ~% of the total wine consumed in India. White wine is also following it closely, and is positioned as the second most consumed wine in India with a consumption share of ~%. Sparkling wine or champagne is the third largest wine segment with the wine consumption accounting for ~% in India. Champagne consumption has mostly been limited due to the perception and positioning as a celebration or a special occasion drink.

Mumbai is the largest wine consuming place accounting for ~% of the total wine consumption in India. This is due to high population, increasing parties and social events, presence of elite people and Bollywood stars, rise in hotels businesses and increasing restaurants. Delhi is the second largest wine consuming city accounting for more than ~% wine sales in India.

The Indian Wine industry is dominated by

May 26

Custom Wine Racks – When In Order To Them Built For Your Home Wine Cellar.

So you’re building a wine cellar for your home. You want to make it nice, but don’t want to get too overboard with the price, because you’d like to spend it on wine instead of wood! The question comes down to whether you should or should not use pre-built wine racks, on the other hand have them custom built for your room. Because of the cost-benefit analysis, this can be a big hangup for many individuals. Custom racks will obviously charge more than the premade systems, but the touch with luxury and uniqueness might be what you want. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages with getting Custom Wine Racks in your wine cellar.

Good of Custom Wine Racks
Custom built wine racks have a few noteworthy differences through their pre-made counterparts. First of all, the system is built to fit exactly in your wine cellar. You will not have to piecing and placing pre-constructed systems together to look good in your cellar. Custom wine racks are obviously designed, constructed and finished specifically for and in your cellar. A custom rack system may add more value to your cellar, and in turn your home, because people love the details and uniqueness with customization. The racks will also look exactly exactly how you want them to be able to look. If your wine cellar has a unique design style, layout, or specific size constraints, a custom wine rack system may be the only way to go to get an amazing product in the end.

Disadvantages of Custom Wine Racks
The biggest disadvantage of getting custom racks towards your home wine cellar could be the costs associated. The systems usually come with a high price tag because they are custom designed and built towards your cellar. This fact

May 25

Great Things that You can do in Pub

Paris pubs can be considered as the best place for you to enjoy well with your friends. Drinking is not the only thing that you can do in the pub but you can enjoy like anything with each other. There are so many things that you can do in the pub that you may feel like getting back the whole energy that you lost in the week days. This is the best place from which you can get energized and carry on with your life in the most amazing manner. The maximum opportunities that you get for enjoying in the bar should be utilized for making yourself really feel like the happiest person in the whole world along with your friends.

Be on your Moves
In pubs you get the opportunity for enjoying the excellent music on which you can dance and enjoy well. There are some DJs and bands available in Paris bars who can entertain you to the maximum. You can have fun dancing with your friends or your love in the most amazing manner. The best way to spare time is by dancing on the music that is fast and pretty interesting.

Sing with Your Friends
The Paris bars are not just the place for you to drink but a place that allows the inner talents of you to come out in excellent way. You can sing there with your friends the songs that you like. Even if you do not know to sing well, as a group you obviously can do well. Sing to the maximum voice possible and enjoy to the utmost and should allow other groups also to showcase their talents and enjoy well when others are singing. This can really make the time that you spend in bar so good and musical.

Be Quizzical
If you

May 24

How Whiskey Is Made

Every country has a different approach to making whisky, which will be discussed in detail at the beginning of each chapter. However, all are basically variations on the following rules.

Whisky is made from a cereal; some (or all) of it malted, that has been ground into a rough flour then mashed by passing hot water through the flour to extract a sweet liquid. This is cooled, yeast is added and the mixture ferments, turning into a crude beer. This is then distilled in either a pot or a column still. Because alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water, the alcohol vapours are released first. These are condensed into a clear, strong spirit which is then aged in oak casks.

Malt whisky is made exclusively from malted barley and is distilled twice (or occasionally three times) in pot stills. It is then aged in used oak casks for a minimum of three years. Grain whisky is made from either corn or wheat, with some malted barley. It is distilled in a column still to produce a lighter spirit with a high degree of alcohol, and aged in used casks for a minimum of three years. Blended scotch is a combination of grain and malt whisky.

Irish whiskey can be made in a number of styles. Pure pot still, using malted and/or unmalted barley; a mix of pot and column still, and all column still. It, too, must be aged in used casks for three years. American whiskey (bourbon) must be made from a minimum 51 per cent corn, to which can be added wheat, malted barley and rye. It is distilled in either a single column still, a column still with a second still called a ‘doublet’, or in pot stills. Tennessee whiskey must also be filtered through a bed of charcoal.

May 24

Best Nightlife In Hong Kong – Rollicking Night Life

This city embraces the whole thing from the ritziest floor shows with top international and local talent, down to alleyway restaurant dining and also karaoke bars. The most famous nightlife activities include discos, restaurants, dance clubs, cinema and karaoke bars.

Night clubs
In this city the party not at all stops and no matter which goes. So many clubs in Hong Kong and bars are open 24 hours and also as the third largest producers of movies. The night clubs that you encounter at Hong Kong are uniquely different to other western country clubs. Many of night clubs offer not only entertainment, but also business and family dining. These clubs appoint endowed locals whose performance include Opera, singing, dancing and acrobatics.

The Nightlife in Hong Kong is awesome with many clubs, bars, and restaurant and also with good entertainment. Some of the best bars in Asia can be found in this city. Nightclubs in this city can be separate out along the lines of their customers, those that accommodate to local and those cater to tourists from outside. In Central most of the cosmopolitan clubbing activities are carried out. But, if the clients prefer to go clubbing with the locals, there are some frequently wild clubs in Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay.

Lan Kwai Fong
Some of the excellent nightlife can be found on the Hong Kong Island in the areas of the SoHO and Kwai Fong. In Hong Kong the Lan Kwai Fong is the one of the hangout place with a great international restaurants, clubs and bars. Catering to a predominately international/expat crowd, this particular area is perfect for intimate dinner, after work drinks as well as for serious parties. Especially on the weeknights mass tip out the sloping street as they come together and enjoy their beers.

South of

May 22

How To Write The Perfect Pub Manager Cv

In writing a curriculum vitae, you should keep in mind that the person who will be reading it does not have any idea about you at all; except for the information that you provide in your CV. Another important thing to note of, is that first impressions last; such that it is very important to build up a good first impression. This does not mean though that you will bore the person to death with all your achievements and accomplishments. Are these not confusing? How could you make the perfect curriculum vitae without appearing like you are selling yourself too much?

There are specific styles of making a curriculum vitae, depending on the type of job or position that you are applying for. When applying for a pub manager position, there are important inclusions of your curriculum vitae that most employers look for. Although, there is a general and standard form of writing a decent and impressive CV, it still is a case to case basis.

Pub managers are well demanded in the metropolitan areas and in urbanized zones as well. Consequently, there are also a lot of applicants vying for these positions. With the number of applicants who might have the same qualifications as you have, or perhaps even lesser, how can you guarantee that you will get the job? The first step before anything else is preparing your curriculum vitae, and here are some helpful tips for you:

Make your CV Compact, yet Informative. Most employers do not have the time to scan through all the pages of CV’s and read all of the contents. It is therefore important to make a compact CV that contains all the necessary and pertinent information relating to yourself and your qualifications for the job. Your curriculum vitae must contain all the

May 22

The Best Pubs In Australia – 3 Weeds, Sydney, Australia – Review

A great night of fun doesn’t have to break the bank. A weekend out on the town can be expensive. Week nights however, have plenty on offer to keep the party spirit pumping. The oldest pub in Rozelle has a killer list of economical reasons to stay up late on a school night.

First opened in 1881, 3 Weeds was originally a bit of a booze bus kind of joint. Over the years, the place gained popularity in the area as one of the first pubs to screen football games. The place changed in 2005 when the huge back area of the bar was sproosed up. Since the cosy fireplace and huge chandeliers moved in, the Weeds has become an iconic landmark having picked up awards for Gastro Pub of the Year by the Australian Hotels Association and rated in the Top 10 Best Pubs in the Sydney Morning Herald’s, Good Food Guide.

During the week, the pub has a $10 curry night and a trivia evening for all those brainy buffs. We headed to the Weeds on a Thursday night and found all tables in the main dining room packed out with groups taking advantage of the free pool on offer. We chose to munch on our food on massive leather lounges in one corner of the earthy toned room. The pub grub here sees fancy touches tacked on to old favourite dishes. We love the guttzyness of the fried goat’s cheese. The smoked salmon salad was a colourful display of pinks, greens and whites served in a tiny dish. The steak sambos worked a treat, with a juicy tea-bone topped with the lot. The pizzas hit the spot too with the usual favourites like meat lovers and then there are the more gourmet choices like goat’s cheese, Spanish sausage and

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