Jun 29

A Guide To Pub Etiquette

Pubs and “etiquette” probably two words you don’t here too often in the same sentence, however whether you realise it or not, there is without doubt an unwritten code regarding what goes on within pubs when it comes to a variety of situations and issues that may arise during the course of a drinking session.

Unlike bars and nightclubs, where etiquette is basically non-existent, pubs retain a sense of tradition where common courtesy should prevail irrespective of the blood alcohol levels of the patrons.

Whilst pub etiquette may vary from country to country, and even pub to pub, there are some general etiquette rules that seem to be ubiquitous. So if you aren’t familiar with these, then you’ve come to the right place:

Right of Way: Without question one of the fundamental pub etiquette principals is the right of way. All good pubs get crowded at some point, hence there needs to be a guiding principle on right of way when it comes to people trying to make their way through these crowds. In this instance the simple rule is the person carrying the most drinks is deemed to have the right of way, followed by women and then drunk people.
Finished Drinks: This typically applies to large groups of patrons who accumulate large amounts of empties. In this case, empty glasses should be stacked or grouped to make it easier for pub staff to clean up. This rule particularly applies to smaller, local pubs that tend to be short staffed.
Shouting Drinks: Shouting is probably the most fundamental piece of pub etiquette there is. Whilst the rules vary from group to group, basically it involves everyone taking turns in buying drinks at the pub.
Pool: Players waiting to play need to put a coin on the table indicating the order at which they play. Winner stays in and determines whether the game will be singles or doubles with the winner always breaking first.
Tipping: Whilst you can tip whatever and whenever you want, you are particularly obliged to tip after ordering a large number of drinks (in particular if they are all different) and especially if the pub is busy. Furthermore, you should generally tip more if the pub has a funny sign on their tip jar.


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