Jun 14

Cheese And Wine Gourmets Delight

Cheese And Wine are often regarded as food that would satisfy even the ultimate gourmet. Historically cheese has been paired with wine as an accompaniment to complete the course-laden French meals.

The pairings have happened over time, as ancient and the modern gourmet discovered the characteristics of cheese and wines are complimentary. The enzyme-laden cheese is known to tingle the taste buds and make wines palatable. The fat content in the cheese apparently coats the back of the palate, making it easy to swallow the wine.

As other experts add, the bitter taste receptors on the back of the tongue are coated with cheese making the wine sweeter as well as bringing out the essence of the fruit.

Cheese And Wine are products that are created by a process of maturing and are made only under certain climatic conditions. As gourmets and experts opine the perfect pairing can be achieved, if two ground rules are followed. These are to match the acidity of the cheese with the wine, and the second match the power of the cheese with that of the wine.

This means that the higher the tartness in a wine, the sharper the cheese should be. Similarly, the more mellow a wine, the creamier should the paired cheese be.

On the second factor of pairing, which is matching the power, the following thumb-rules apply. A strong wine should be matched with a strong cheese and not the opposite.

Another thumb rule which is generally followed is to pair
Cheese And Wine of the same variety. This is a fundamental rule which could well make the pairing a success or a failure. As the gourmets could recommend the natural climate and earthiness of a region would be infused in the products created.

This means that Cheese And Wine of a particular region would have the same earthiness and flavors which complement each other. The most popular pairings include red wine with Swiss Gruyere, Beemster Classic as well as Comte. Another famous pairing is Chianti and Sangiovese Wine with mature Pecornio Toscano and aged Asiago. Pinot Noir Wine can be teamed with Cantal cheese and Tomme de Savoie. Yet another pairing which has many winners is the pairing of Syrah and Shiraz wine with that of French cheese, Comte Reserve and the Spanish cheese Idizabal. If you like Malbec Wine, then could pair it with Malagon with Rosemary cheese or a matured Manchego Reserve.

More, You can also do a little experiment like have a piece of cheeses and observe the essence of the cheese itself and then take another bite of same cheese with some wine. Feel the taste of a mixture of both the things. You can make a pair by your own taste.


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