Apr 20

Deserts At Home Or Bought From A Pub

Deserts off a menu from the pub or homemade. Well this is down to personal preference; one thing that does set them apart is certainly the price.

Deserts made at home:

A homemade desert usually works out a lot cheaper than buying it after a meal at a pub or restaurant. At home you can quite possible make a whole cheesecake or sponge cake as it would cost to buy a tiny slice from the pub. This is because you are paying for the connivance and the experience of eating out. However if you are a large family with kids you are paying over the odds for 1 scoop of ice cream as opposed to buying a whole tub from a supermarket.
A lot of the deserts work out at the same price as a starter and some are the same price as the actual meal.
At home buy gateaux or cheesecake and a tub of ice-cream if served with a little inspiration you can easily arrange it to look just as appetising as the pub one off the menu.

Deserts from a pub:

Although they may seem expensive compared to what you can get at home, you have no cooking to do, no ingredients to buy and no pots to wash. Some speciality deserts are actually homemade at the pub such as some in season crumples and fresh bannoffie pies.
The chef can also customise some deserts for you and after all what are the chances he will burn it, undercook it or completely mess up the whole recipe.

The chef will have had plenty of training and practice producing these delicious recipes so try the homemade ones.
A desert that does not say homemade is going to be bought in, so if you are worried about paying over the odds do not opt for an ice-cream desert.


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