Mar 29

Freak Out With Friends at Pub Crawl in Delhi

Are you in a search of some fun and excitement? Getting exhausted from busy boring daily routine? Planning night out with friends would be a great idea in Delhi, the city that never sleeps. Have you ever tried or heard about Pub Crawl in Delhi? If not then go for it and make fun out of it.

It is also commonly referred to as a “bar-hopping- or “bar touring-, it is an enjoyment act in which people check out different bars especially in night and group of people drinking in number of bars turn wise in single night. Sounds very much excited and full of fun, isn’t? In a nut shell, it is the new and great way to mingle with different people in crazy atmosphere, meeting new people, fellow visitors from all over the world while experiencing some of the best hottest places that the city’s nightlife offers you!

This is different kind of enjoyment which would be a full time pass, while introducing you to the hottest spots to be. If you are going to explore all pubs & bars then you should know what to wear and carry with you to enjoy to the full. You should wear comfortable shoes so that it would be easy for you to move from one bar to another, Avoid high heels as sometimes you need to travel in bus while switching different bars, may be some of them are far from one another. Dress up whatever you want but don’t go for costly dresses because it might be the possibility that beer split all over your dress. Carrying camera with you is a great idea as you can capture all amazing moments and yes don’t take expensive digital cameras with you to avoid any thefts and inconvenience. It is always good to keep paper with your name, address and contact number with you in your pocket or shoes so if you forget your hotel or address then it would be of great help.

It is good if you can enjoy hopping and pub crawling with strangers but if you take your friends with you then it would add more fun and safety. Some of the bars offer you free shots and some charge for it; you can join folk of strangers at different bars and enjoy dancing with them, click pictures there and take pleasure of each and every place offering different tastes and night life experience. Do you really want to indulge yourself into the amazing night out? Then go for it and plan a night out with Pub Crawl in Hauz Khas. Hey friends!! Don’t miss this golden opportunity to hang out with friends. Go now call your friends and get ready to bang out.

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