Feb 15

History Of Wine In India

Wines in India have a date with history. The wine culture traces us back to the olden days when the earlier visitors to India were welcomed with wine, which had a fierce competition with the other European wines. The wine produced in India has begun to enter another league now where the international market thrives. The vineyards in India cover around a hundred thousand acres today with only one percent of it used for producing wine.

Indian wines are served in restaurants all over India along with the wines from many other countries. Wine in India has its roots to the vineyards in the south-western part of India which produce roughly half the total wine produced. It is possible to buy red as well as white table wine in many shops these days.

Among the various Indian wines, the white wine and red wine are produced in the vineyards in India. White wine is known as Chhabri and is made from Chardonnay, predominantly, with Thompson Seedless and Ugni Blanc blended together. Red wine, called Anarkali, is made from Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Bangalore Purple. The Bangalore Purple is added to round this type of Red wine.

Sahyadri Valley holds a hundred acre vineyard which produces excellent wine. The hot and dry climate conditions help to nurture their growth. The sandy soil that aids the growth of this Indian wine has prolific quantities of micro nutrients and some vital trace elements. The fermentation of White and Red wine takes place under controlled temperatures and makes uses of special cultured yeasts. While malolactic fermentation is not required for the production of white wine, it is essential for red wine production.

Wines in India and food go a long way back in history. The British Raj used to take a few cocktails before dinner and enjoy their food with a glass of wine. Though wines from across the globe were available but on many occasions, they preferred Indian wines. A cool, light red wine served with meat curries can be very refreshing. India is a home for several indigenous grape varieties of wine that can be enjoyed with food. Sultana, the Turkish grape, is the most popularly planted grape in India. Other top quality wines in India come from imported French varieties at Chateau Indage, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Clairette and Chenin Blanc.


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