Jun 17

Honey, I’m Going To The Pub To Play Golf

Learn these pub golf rules to start an exciting night.

A drinking game known as bar golf, or pub golf. Learning pub golf rules will equip you with a fun and simple game that you can enjoy with a group of friends that enjoys visiting pubs.

You can create your own pub golf rules to invent a pub golf game that suits your tastes since pub golf rules vary greatly. Pub golf is a great game to play over the course of a summer, or you can start the game during an occasion such as a birthday party or bachelor party.

Following are the basic pub golf rules to get you started on creating your own pub golf game.

A pub golf course ideally consists of eighteen different pubs to represent a full golf course. If you need to, you can make one pub or bar consist of a number of different holes.

Establish a par for each hole. The par value assigned to each hole or pub can range from one to five. For example, a pint of beer can count as a par four for one hole, while a single shot at another pub can count as a par one.

To complete a hole with a score of par, you must complete the drink in the number of sips or gulps that is designated as par. For example, if the pub is a par four and the drink is a pint of beer, you must complete the drink in four gulps in order to score par.

You can score under or over par by completing the drink in more or less gulps.

The goal is to have the lowest final score after eighteen holes by scoring as close to par as possible.

Drinks for each hole should vary. You can require cider, wine, champagne, shots of liquor, mixed drinks, or a variety of types of beer.

There may be designated times and places to use the bathroom. Using the bathroom at times when it is not allowed could result in penalty strokes added to your score.

To make pub golf as fun as possible the rules can vary to make the game appropriate for your group. It may be a good idea to cut the game in half, and just complete a round of nine holes.

The pub golf rules would stay the same when playing just nine holes of pub golf, the game would just be shorter. Remember to keep safety in mind when you are playing pub golf. It is always dangerous to drink too much and to drink and drive.


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