Jun 15

Looking For A New Pub.. Some Things You Should Look For

Finding a new pub (particularly a local pub) can be hard given the vast number of pubs out there to choose from. Whether you are looking for a one off drink or a new weekly hangout, the decision is always tough. So to help you decide, we decided to compile a list of things to look for.

Glasses: Obviously all pubs have glasses, but when you order a beer, pay close attention to where the glass comes from. Pubs that serve beers from chilled glasses are generally more considerate of customers then ones that just take them from a rack. If you are in the market for a new pub, this should be high on your agenda.
Taps: Look for pubs with lots of taps. The more beers they have on tap the better (even for the most avid VB, New or XXXX drinker). This is also an indicator of the popularity of the pub.
Pokies: We aren’t saying you should play them, but have a look in the pokie room and see if they have free food, tea, coffee etc. Places that offer these kinds of refreshments care about their patrons. It’s also handy if you get hungry and are looking for something to eat. It may not be the best food, but the price is right.
Bar Staff: Look for pubs with heaps of people behind the bar. There is nothing worse than lining up for ages for a beer so you should definitely put this in the top 3 of things to look for.
Daily Specials: Pubs with daily specials and events are generally better then ones that don’t feel the need to offer something different during the week. Whether it is 2 for 1 steaks on Tuesday, pub trivia Wednesdays or crab racing Thursdays, pubs that go that extra mile for their customers deserve your patronage.
Happy Hour: Food specials and entertainment is one thing but cheap beer is taking it to the next level. If a pub doesn’t have a happy hour then it is not worth going to our book. Despite the fact we may like to bitch about the ever increasing price of beer, the margin on your favourite amber ale is in fact quite small, so a pub willing to further cut this for your pleasure is illustrating good form in our book.
Funny Tip Jar Sign: Probably not the most important thing, but a funny tip jar sign is always amusing, so put this on your list as something to look for as well.
So hopefully we’ve made the difficult task of looking for a new pub a little bit easier, but please don’t rush this life changing decision like you might have when you decided to get married or something.. this is important..


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