May 12

Night Life of Paris

Paris is one of the beautiful cities in the world. As it is a capital of France so people speaks French language. Paris is also well known for its night life and fashion. There are many good places in Paris for hangout in the night. There are lots nightclubs, bars, pubs, etc within the city. Paris has mind blowing and attractive night life. It’s also famous for its operas, theaters, etc. Paris is one of the beautiful tourist destinations which attract thousands of peoples throughout out the world. It is one the favorite destination of the tourist around the world. It is also called the city of love, and has places to go out in the night. The real life of Paris starts in the dark.

Where to hangout in night

There are lots of places to hangout in night. It is fact Paris is the one of the expensive city of the world, and famous for its night life.

– Nightclubs
There is lots of nightclub in Paris. Its nightclub is famous worldwide. If you walk along on the street then you can find lots of nightclub where you can enjoy yourself. Queen, Le Cab, VIP Lounge, Sens, Le Baron are some of them. Clubs are open at 11 in the night and open till morning.
– Casinos
Paris offers many casinos in the city. You should be above 18, entry will be charged. You must carry passport and well dressed. There are casinos namely d’Enghien Les Bains, 3 avenue de Cienture and many more.
– Opera
There are many Opera in the Paris but National Opera of Paris is very big in size, 11000 square meters, and big stage and 2000 seats for visitors. It’s quite biggest Opera in Paris.
– Cabaret
If you want to enjoy really hot evening than you must visit Cabaret. Its shows are Las Vegas variety show with bare breasted dancers, acrobats, and other performers. Dancers perform quite well so you enjoy to visit Cabaret. It’s a kind of dances where almost nude women perform a dance and artist display of colored light dances across their bodies.
– Shopping
If you love shopping then best time to do shopping is in night. There are like lots shops opened in the night. On the square and the side streets are the best shops and boutiques to buying the stuff. Paris is known for its fashion it is also known as the hub of the fashion. You can find many world class designer boutiques and showroom in Paris itself. Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Zara are some of them well known designer in the world.

So we can say that Paris really have hot vibrant nightlife. It is city of love which attracts lots of people around the world due to its nightlife, Eiffel tower, fashion, and many more.


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