May 22

Black and Tan Recipe

I am sure there are a lot of people out there interested in knowing what is black and tan, and how to make it at home. If you belong to the category of beer lovers, you ought to be fascinated about this drink or would have tasted it sometime. Since this has been a popular drink in pubs, there is no way to avoid it.

Black and tan beer originated in Ireland, and the name derives from the British officers who wore uniforms of these colors while fighting with the Irish Republican Army. It became immensely popular in the US and the UK. If you check the color of this drink, half of it is black (upper half) and half of it is tanned, (lower half) which is the reason behind its name. It is a mixture of a lager with an ale and thus truly a cocktail treat! So let’s see how to make this drink through the recipe given below.


– Bass Ale beer bottles (as per your requirement)
– Guinness beer bottles (as per your requirement)
– Metal spoon
– Pint glasses

– Be sure you have the Bass ale and the Guinness bottles at home or else buy them. Don’t go for any other brands, since they would not give the perfect blend and flavor.
– Initially pour the ale in all the pint glasses slowly by tilting the glass slightly. Fill half the glass and wait for a few minutes for the fuzz to settle down.
– When done, it brings us to the most important step in the process, pouring the dark beer. You should hold the spoon upside down over the mouth of the glass and pour the dark beer i.e the Guinness, carefully drop by drop. Be sure you pour equivalent amounts of

May 21

Night Life Of Los Angeles

Los Angeles beats as the heart of the state of California. It is a city that rarely sleeps and boasts a great night life. The colors, lights and sights are amazing. Los Angeles is nothing less than a wonder present on the face of this Planet. It is a great tourist destination for the foreigners and the local residents proudly exclaim that they could not have wished for a better place to live. Los Angeles is the hometown of Hollywood. The town of Hollywood is where people with hopeful dreams of becoming a superstar. It is a massive centre for all production houses and movie studios. It provides the base of the largest and most famous internationally acknowledged entertainment industry of the world. It plays host to the most prestigious award ceremony, the Academy Awards (Oscars). It also provides the largest number of employments all over the state and also all over the United States. Its most famous attractions are the Kodak Theatre, Sunset Strip, Universal Studios and the Paramount Pictures. When visiting Los Angeles, spending a day or two in enjoying the sites of Hollywood should definitely be the first task on your list.

Whether you are a local looking for a weekend getaway or someone playing tourist from another state or even another country, the hotels and resorts of Los Angeles will provide you with an experience you will never forget. There are many hotels that suit all kinds of people with all kinds of budgets. They offer the best services and comfort. Moreover, Los Angeles excels in the field of all kinds of food. Its restaurants range from fine French dining to deli on the corner of the street, all providing delicious and mouth watering edibles. Los Angeles moves to the sound of music.

Its night clubs and hot

May 20

Best Beer Festivals Around the World

Beer has been brewed and consumed for about 7000 years now. Arguably, it is called the third most popular drink after water and tea. In fact, beer is so popular that there are numerous festivals commemorating exceptional brewers, bringing together beer lovers from around the world. If you are someone who wants to taste different varieties of beer in the company of thousands of people, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the beer festivals that are hosted around the world.

Beer festivals promote certain special or locally brewed beers, and visitors get the opportunity of sampling some of the finest beers from around the world. Beer festivals are also well known for the mix of delicacies that is spread out for the visitors. To make it more interesting, these festivals often host live bands, DJ, comic performances, and beer drinking competitions, giving the whole festival a ‘party like’ atmosphere. So, without further ado, let’s proceed to find out the world’s biggest beer parties!

Famous Beer Festivals

1. Oktoberfest
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Month(s): September, October
Duration: 16 Days

Oktoberfest was first hosted in Munich in 1810, to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe Hildburghausen. Initially, the festival was held in October, but it was later decided to hold the festival in September, owing to better weather conditions.

It is reported that an estimated 6 million people attend Oktoberfest every year, consuming 1.5 million gallons of beer in the 16 days of the festival.

Initially, beer was not a part of Oktoberfest, instead, a horse race in the presence of the Royal family was the concluding event. An agricultural show, along with carnival booths, was added to the event later. Beer became a part of Oktoberfest only in 1880. While horse races have ceased to be a part of the festival

May 19

Wine Distributors In New York Making Merry Selling Indian Alcohol

For wine distributors in New York and New Jersey, Indian wine has become the toast for the occasion with demands soaring as more and more wine lovers fall in love with Indian brands of alcoholic beverages. Sula Vineyards and Pause Wines are making their presence felt in different parts of the country. More Indian brands are tying up with distributors in an attempt to penetrate into the US market. Over the last decade the business of Indian wine distributors USA has soared at a phenomenal rate. These products are now available in leading restaurants and liquor retail shops in New York and New Jersey with products rolling out of the shelves at a brisk pace.

The Indian wine distributors USA are bringing the best of the Indian wine to the customers in the US. From the famous Sula Shiraz, Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz, Sula Sauvignon Blanc and Sula Chenin Blanc there is a huge demand for these products not only among the Indian expatriates but also the average American customer. In fact Americans have developed love for Indian brands thanks to the quality of the Indian wine which is a result of great blending techniques that are being adopted by the wineries in India. These brands bring a variety and give American customers a wide array of choice. A number of restaurants and bars in and around New York are serving the best of Indian brands which is high on their demand list.

Till about a decade ago Indian wine faced a lot of skepticism in the US market as wine lovers had doubts over their quality. This prejudice often prevented Indian brands from becoming popular among the wine lovers. But with India becoming a global force like most other products alcoholic beverages from India have broken the

May 18

California Wineries Meet The Fine Wines And Vines Of The Usa

If you taste the wines from the USA, then you will be able to find a distinct similarity between with some of the best wines of the world. This region is perfect of wine producing and that is why there are so many New York Wineries. The warmth in the night and the clear climate along with the very fertile land has made this region one of the best and most amount of grape producing areas of the USA. There are hundreds of California Wineries and vines in this country, and they produce different kinds of wines, but almost all of them tastes delicious.

Wines in the USA

The best wines of this region are made with not only the best grapes, but with the most mature grapes of the vine. Not all of the wines are made this way, but some of the most delicious ones which can compete with the best wines from France and Italy are made in this way. As the grapes are kept in the vines for longer, they get matured completely and provide a unique and grainy texture to the wines. Along with that, these wines get a nice aroma and rich color. This makes New Mexico Wineries are the best places for fine wines. Over the years, they are known for their brilliant wines and passion towards this job.

Tasting Fine Wine

If you are pro, then wine tasting rooms may not be something astounding or unique, but if you are just starting out, then these rooms has a lot to offer. Nevada Wineries come with a tasting room of their own. Sometimes, a few wineries have one tasting rooms to themselves. These rooms are some of the most delightful placed to be in Paso Robles. In these rooms you will be able

May 16

Let Us Guide You The Best Night Clubs New York

The Big Apple is famous for its nightlife all over the globe. New York is the city that never sleeps and fascinates the entire world with its one of a kind dance clubs and bars. If you are visiting New York you must make it a point to visit its source of 24/7 entertainment, the best Night clubs, dance and Bars New York.

From famous dance clubs New York located in the downtown districts to the peppy jazz halls, pubs and bars, this city has definitely something for everyone ! People from every nook and corner of the world come to experience and get a taste this hip and happening place. The electric atmosphere, friendly people full of life and the superb Night Clubs New York will make it a heaven in you are one of those strict party animals and looking for some serious fun action. No other place in the world can compare to the electrifying atmosphere of these pubs. Given any night of the week, the spirit never dies down and you can go out to any club in the city and have a blast !

The dance clubs and bars New York offer visitors to come along and blend themselves in the delightful ambiance. The night clubs basically personify the life and ‘never say tired’ spirit of people after sundown. Best Clubs New York City has to offer are one of the most trendiest clubs of the world, where famous actors and best known artists perform and dance to keep the spirit of the nigh clubbing alive. The nightclubs are always buzzing with attractive events and activities organized daily by the event teams of the clubs and bars. To forgo the daunting task of finding the right place for you to visit there are various online sites which

May 14

Best Beer in the World

Agreed that you are totally dedicated to your booze, but do you care to know a little more about beer like when and how it was first made, how is it brewed and what are the most famous brands? Well, let’s discuss a few interesting things about beer before getting to the ratings.

Well, look how crazy beer fans could be! Jokes apart, it would not come as a surprise if I tell you that beer is, supposedly, the third most popular drink (after water and tea of course, and surprisingly beating coffee!!) and is being consumed since time immemorial. The invention of beer dates back to somewhere in the stone age and only guesses can be made regarding its actual invention. An interesting story which describes a short history of beer goes like this. Once upon a time, in a tribal land of hunters, some portion of wild grain was exposed to warm water. By the time the damage was noticed, the water had already fermented into a thick, dark liquid. A daring primitive sampled it, and surprisingly it tasted good. And this is how beer was invented…

Beer is an alcoholic drink, however, the alcohol content of beer is very less. It usually ranges between 4% to 7% alcohol and in rarest of the rare cases, goes up to 20%. Beer brewing at home was a job dedicated to women in the ancient and medieval times. It was a part of the daily routine of a homemaker, just as beer itself was a part of the daily diet. Beer is made using malted barley (wheat, maize, corn and rice are also used), flavoring is done with the help of hops, which also acts as preservatives, yeast and hot water along with an elaborate brewing process.

Beer Production and Fermentation

Here is a

May 14

Night Life in Barcelona

The need for vacation is becoming more with the stressful life that one has these days. One of the best places to go for a vacation is Spain. Barcelona in Spain is a place where one can unwind themselves and enjoy. In case you have opted for Barcelona then you have made the right decision. It is an amazing place for adults as the night life in Barcelona is amazing. Night life however begins only at midnight and goes up to the early morning hours.

Before the night life begins you can always go have a lot of sightseeing in the morning. There are a lot of nice sightseeing places in Barcelona.

There are cafes and bars in Barcelona at every nook and corner. One can choose the cafe or there bar according to their needs. There are also some great restaurants in Barcelona where one can get nice and tasty food.

The nightlife there is so exciting that one has to definitely visit the bars, discos and the clubs in Barcelona. There will be live shows that will be happening in these places vakantiehuis spanje. The latest music would be played there. Music will include jazz, pop hip hop and salsa. One can drink and dance and enjoy the music and relax to the maximum.

Take a tour with a local guide and visit the best tapa bars and cafes in Barcelona. Not only will you enjoy the various cuisine delicacies but also learn about the culture and traditions in Barcelona.

There are also some open to sky clubs where one can enjoy music and drinks. There is a district which is called the eixample district which is full of clubs, bars and discos.

Similarly after enjoying the long walk at the Rambla in the evening the night life can start at the Gothic Quarter.

May 14

The Search For Definitive Elegance Ends With A Glass Of Wine

Wine has been savoured as an elegant indulgence since the very beginning of modern civilization. It has been refined over the ages, with thousands of variants and flavours being in existence presently. The connoisseurs of quality wine can be found in every country and thus almost every country across the globe has special wine clubs for the enthusiasts. Wine clubs are the places where the enthusiasts gather to talk, drink and enjoy wine to their heart’s content. Also, the wine clubs hold special social status as wine is often looked upon as an indulgence of the sophisticated.

Among the thousands of wine brands in existence, some have attained cult status. A bottle of quality wine can be priced at thousands of dollars and even more. While the absolute connoisseurs of the fine liqueur are willing to dish out outrageous sums for a bottle of wine, there are also avenues where people can sip on quality wines at reasonable prices. The wine clubs often arrange for events like wine tasting, which brings forth a gamut of international and national wine variants for the savouring of the members. People can enjoy the exotic flavours of imported wines and that too without burning a sizable hole in their pocket.

The search for the perfect bottle of wine often land one in the collector’s den. Wine collecting is a passion that many people follow feverishly. One can find a number of exotic wine brands in the wine cellars of well to do wine collectors. It is no secret that a seasoned wine is almost deemed as a tangible asset among the wine enthusiasts. Such is the love for wine that people often enrol in special wine tasting classes just to better understand the subtleties of various wine types.

The popularity of wine events is

May 12

Different Types Of Wine Brand

Many wine collectors and buyers look at the brand of wines. They are particular on the brand of wines when they buy them for their collections. For most brands of wine, you may notice the labels and packages to be presentable and attractive for the buyers. Most wineries have the advantage of applying creativity on their packaging, labeling, and bottle designs.

Popular wine brands like Robert Mondavi, Barefoot, Mariposa, Kendall-Jackson, Chteau Ste Michelle and other top wine brands know the importance of their labeling. They know it can provide the success or failure of the wine.

If you have visited wine shops, you may see their displays from the lifeless approach to the most colorful and flamboyant designs of the bottles. Countries like the United States and Canada apply this kind of approach in labeling wine brands.

However, it is very important for most wineries and wine shops to sell and produce quality fine wines. If you’re just starting out on learning wines, you may find yourself confused with those intimidating labels and bottle designs. Here are some tips on how to choose the right brand, labels, and types of wines you want to purchase.

1.Try to find the wine shops that have trained and experienced staff that will help and guide customers on what brand they want to buy.

2.Find good recommendations in the newspapers and on the Internet where you can find online wine experts.

3.Purchase fine wine in stores that are known in taking proper care on their inventories. They should have accessories and cooling systems that can sustain the needed temperature and shielding of the bottles from sunlight and humidity swings. Don’t buy from shops that don’t take proper care of their wines.

4.Before going to the wine shop,

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