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What is Black and Tan Beer

One of the most popular choices of beer drinkers around the world is the black and tan beer, that can be created at any place. If you have not tried it, you certainly must try it as soon as possible. All you need is two different kinds of beer, and someone to mix them together, in order to get the best drink possible.

It is simply a mixture of two different beers in the same glass, in equal proportions. By blending these two beers together one can create a better tasting brew, that is smoother and richer. Now this does not mean that you can mix any two beers together. There are some specific types of beer that must be combined, because they complement each other perfectly.

The name black and tan has been coined because the color of the mixture appears very dark and black in color. The lighter half floats on top while the heavier half sinks to the bottom, so a clear demarcation appears between the two halves of the mixture. It is also known as half and half beer.

The Contents
Black and tan can be created by mixing pale ale with a dark beer like a stout or a porter. Pale ale is one of the most common beers around the world, and it is characterized by its pale color. While brewing this type of beer, a top fermenting yeast is used.

On the other hand, stout and porter beers are darker in color and they are brewed using roasted malt, barley, yeast, water and hops. They are also much stronger than pale ales, and also contain a greater volume of alcohol in them. So generally speaking, it is simply the mixture of a lighter beer with a stronger one.

Black and Tan Beer History
The origins can be found

Apr 07

Pubs in Goa

When we think of Goa it includes only entertainment, relaxation and partying out with friends and family. Goa is known for its night life and fun and pub in Goa play a vital role in the nightlife of Goa. All the luxury resorts and hotels in Goa have their own in-house pubs and there are other areas in the city which are popular for their nightlife. The nightlife of Goa includes pubs, bars, and discotheques, where couples can eat, drink and rock the dance floor to enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest. The most happening and hot spots of Goa include Baga Beach, Saligao (Sangolda Village), Candolim, Arpora Road, Coastal area of Benaulim, Anjuna and Vagatar Area of Goa

Goa accommodation is quite easy to acquire because there are an immense number of hotels and resorts here. The inns here offer a huge variety of food and drinks to appease the taste buds of every tourist. The pubs in Goa are known for their rocking nightlife. There are many pubs which are not only available at night time but also daytime, as they hold 24/7 license. The pubs allow us to make new acquaintances and even friends when we share the dance floor with people, dancing happily to the thumping beats of music. Pubs are not only meant for dancing and sipping on our favorite cocktails, mock tails or a chilled beer, but also play and enjoy pool table games with friends and strangers. Usually pubs supply loads of ale and large dance floor, but a few also offer a la carte food menu, and this is what makes the pub more interesting and appealing to people seeking to have a good time. Pubs in Goa offers us a unique opportunity to meet and befriend new

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Popular Whiskey Brands In The World

There are many types of alcoholic beverages, but whiskey is definitely one of the best. The best known manufacturers of whiskey are the Scots, the English and the Americans. Whiskey is popular spirit drink made from fermented grain and barley, and Scotland is the home of whiskey with 100 year old tradition. There are so many whiskey brands to choose from, but the best brands are usually the most expensive. Whiskey comes in so many different forms and flavors from different countries. Each brand has his own unique reputation, but they all have one thing in common – all whiskies goes through aging process and has a distinct flavor. We present you the most popular and the best whiskey brands in the world. Enjoy in one glass of good and strong whiskey, while browsing the whiskey brands on our list!

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey
Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is the most popular and the best selling whiskey in the world. This amazing Tennessee whiskey is rich in history and it’s known for the square bottles.

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker is the most popular scotch whiskey in the world. Johnnie Walker is known for the premium line of blended Scotch whiskies worldwide. John Walker began blending whiskies in 1820, and in 1909 his son Alexander brought the business to a new level by relaunching the old recipe Black Label.

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson is Irish whiskey – combination of malted barley and green barley distilled in a pot still.This whiskey is available everywhere in the world and also tastes amazing. It’s triple distilled and aged in sherry butts and bourbon barrels.

Officer’s Choice Whiskey
Officer’s Choice is popular Indian whiskey and the largest selling whiskey brand in the world. Officer’s Choice is a smooth blend of Indian malt spirits and indian neutral spirit.

Crown Royal

Apr 02

Creating The Irish Pub You Want

They are also more likely to plan social outings at your bar and invite friends to come along with them. Earning the patronage of repeat customers is a sound business goal, but there are other things that can be gained as a result of becoming a successful business.

Community admiration and the respect of your colleagues is also important; this gives you the freedom to confidently expand your interests. Achieving the tangible and intangible successes of a local bar will definitely be a challenge, but you have industry allies that are ready to help you succeed in your chosen field. To help you gain the edge you need for long-term success, you should consult with experts who understand the ins and outs of Irish pub design and operations.

It is one thing to want to create an authentic Irish drinking establishment in your neighborhood, but achieving this can prove difficult. There are many details that have to be considered when attempting such an intricate design theme. Additionally, the way your Irish pub operates could be markedly different than the way a non-theme establishment functions.

This means that it is not enough to capture the look and feel of a real Irish pub; it is important that you and your staff have the know-how to make your pub run smoothly. There are people who can help teach you and your staff all about Irish pub design and operations. With this information, you will be able to set your establish apart from the competition. You will gain a real market edge by having the skills necessary to run this special kind of social venue.

A retail consulting service can give you the same kind of care and attention that you give your own customers. You will receive hands-on, personalized attention and all

Apr 02

Bangalore The pub Capital Of India

Bangalore is the cost-effective commitment of Karnataka and a considerable IT hub of Local regional local local local indian local local regional local. The town is one of the best and most hi-tech locations of Local regional local local local indian local local regional local. The town is one of the quickest improving locations of Local regional local local local indian local local regional local. Bangalore attracts a lot of professionals from all locations of the world; the town is also one of the well-known vacation locations of Local regional local local local indian local local regional local displaying in great extensive comprehensive extensive comprehensive wide range of guests from all locations and also world. The town house to various locations, cultures and people act as a real globally town city all over the planet.

Bangalore is one town that is known by several epithets, presenting the various factors of the town, for example the Garden City, Pensioners Place, Upsetting Place of Local regional local local local indian local local regional local, It Hub, Pub Economical commitment of Local regional local local local indian local local regional local, etc; however, several of these epithets no more implement to where like the Garden City and Pensioners Place because of the fast growth of the town and the producing loss in natural secured.

Bangalore house to several MNCs, IT locations and various organizations, the town features as a wish place to go for the a lot of youthful professionals and learners because of which where witnesses huge migrants law from various factors of the country, who together give where a very youthful and amazing look.

There are quite a few exciting vacation locations existing in and around the town. Some of the well-known watching possibilities of Bangalore involve Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha,

Apr 01

Whiskey For Mom

Many people consider whiskey more of a Father’s Day kind of gift, but if your mom appreciates fine food and drink she will probably also appreciate a fine single malt scotch. Don’t think that the only acceptable gifts for mom are flowers and candy because you would be selling your mom short. My mother raised three kids and I don’t think she would have been able to do it without alcohol. This Mother’s Day choose the road less traveled and buy your mom scotch whiskey. Even if your mom has not expressed a particular interest in scotch whiskey, you can introduce her to something new.

Now to properly select a whiskey for mom you will need to do some investigatory work as to her tastes. You can pump friends and family for information in this department. If she likes whiskey ask them about her specific preferences. Try to get specific scotch whiskey brands so you can sketch out the kinds of notes and flavors she enjoys. If she doesn’t drink whiskey, just ask about her general taste in alcohol. Does she gravitate towards the sweet or the smoky? Does she appreciate a richer, more filling drink or a lighter, more refreshing one? The more specific the better, but don’t worry if you cannot get that much information.

Keep in mind that many single malt scotches and whiskeys have fruit notes. If your mom has a favorite fruit try to find a whiskey with notes of that fruit. The same is true for spices like vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Some scotch whiskeys contain prominent spice flavor notes so if a certain spice keeps coming up in mom’s cooking or baking, you can probably find a whiskey that will suit her. To find whiskeys with specific notes and flavors just use an Internet search

Apr 01

Shopping For The Best Scotch Whiskey

There’s a promotion coming up at work, which you have worked very hard for. You and a colleague are the two candidates being considered for the position. To increase your chances you invite your boss and his wife to dinner, at your place. You are aware of the fact that your boss likes to have Scotch Whiskey and you don’t have any. How would you buy a good scotch when you do not know much about it? Here is how you can.

Learn the difference between single malt and blended scotch h

A single malt is a single-distilled liquor that has aged in a cask for at least three years and a day (some are left to age for a longer time), whereas Blended Scotch whiskies contain both malt whisky and grain whisky. The latter may be smoother to first-time scotch drinkers, but purists are of the opinion that single-malt scotch is more complex and rewarding.

Learn where it comes from?

The location of the distillery may affect the overall flavor. Scotch can be geographically divided into varieties such as Islay, Highland, Lowland and Campbell town which are unique in terms of the distillation processes used, as well as the flavor of the malt and barley used.

Learn how old it is?

Single malt in comparison to Blended scotch is aged for a longer duration. The majority of single malt is aged between 10 to 25 years, with some rare and very expensive varieties aging for as long as 100 years. The longer it has been aged; the smoother and more complex the flavor will be, although there are many fine scotches that are 12 years old or less.

How much can you spend?

Choose something that fits your budget. The older the scotch the more expensive it is. So

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Hanging Wine- An Exotic Glass Rack For Your House

Well, we all love to drink wine on several festive occasions. It makes us feel on top of the world! Wine is considered to be one of the best drinking beverages worldwide. It is consumed on different occasions due to its health and medicinal value. I would like to tell you that in some parts of the world it has a traditional value as well. In this article, we are going to talk about hanging wine – racks. They are extremely helpful in storing wine glasses with ease.

Wine glasses are quite expensive and we need a good wine rack in order to store them easily and safely. Obviously, we would never want these glasses to break due to a small mistake. For this purpose, a large number of wine glass racks have been evolved. They are easily available in the market in different styles, designs and sizes. You can purchase them as per your requirements. If you wish you can even purchase them online. You can definitely get a wide variety of racks on the net.

Make sure that you consider a few essential things before purchasing such wine glass racks. These days hanging racks are becoming quite famous. So, if you want to install a hanging rack in your house then you must go step by step further. All you got to do is to measure the total amount of space available with you and place your order online.

Buying a customized hanging wine rack is also an excellent alternative. These wine glass racks would truly increase the generally look of your house. By purchasing a good wine glass rack you can easily and conveniently display all your gorgeous glasses. During a birthday party at your house you can invite your guests to have a glass of wine in style!

Apr 01

Reasons To Adore High Dining With Pub Tables & Chairs

Pub tables and chairs are very much in style currently. Being taller than the usual dinner table, they are typically counter height or taller and make a stylish and special appearance. below are ten reasons why people adore high dining with pub tables and chairs:

1. Pub tables usually have a 30 to 36 inch surface area, making it ideal for a little breakfast nook that would be too much for a normal dining set to handle.

2. Pub tables make it look like there is extra space in the middle of the floor and surface of the table, reducing clutter and opening up the room.

3. Make a private dining area using a smaller, informal pub table. Light several candles and add romance to any meal.

4. Both big and small like to sit on higher chairs. Short people sit higher up for better vision and people with long legs can relax in comfort.

5. The pub table at counter height makes an extra buffet serving area for big holiday eating events; just put the chairs on the side and move the table near the counter.

6. Make more use of your family room by having a pub table with chairs – ideal for board games or card game playing.

7. For a crowd watching a sports event, the pub set is just the place to serve appetizers and munchies, in the family room. They can fill up without missing a moment of the fun.

8. Entertaining on a closed in patio will allow more visitors in a smaller space using a pub table set instead of a big glass covered patio table with lounge furniture. When picking solid surfaces, the set is easy to take care of by wiping off

Mar 31

What Are Most Important Things For Wall Hanging Wine Racks Selection

Storing expensive wine collection in your home is always a hectic and troublesome task. One needs to take proper care of them so that they do not get any harm or loss. For people who want to store their collection, there is wide range of options available such as wall hanging rack, cabinets, fridges, etc. However the selection of wall hanging wine racks should be done very carefully. When you decide to purchase the wall hanging racks for wine storage purposes then the main motive behind this purchase is getting wine storage facility in your home without any requirement of bigger spaces. Well, you cannot avail this feature if you will not keep this thing in your mind while making the selection of your perfect wine racks.

There are many things that you should keep in mind and there is also a slight requirement of analysis so that you can purchase the best one for your home but this entire procedure sometimes becomes little too lengthy for the people and that is why they ignore it while making the wine racks purchase decisions.

This is not right thing to do but, the lengthy process is so tiring as well so here I am sharing with you some highly important tips which will help you to pick up the best wine racks for your home which will fulfill all your requirements and expectations efficiently.

Size: Most important thing to consider while purchasing the wine racks or wine cabinets is the suitability of size. You should first see your home or room and then you would need to decide exactly what size of wine racks would be perfect for your home. This is the simplest thing you can do or you can carry a snapshot of your room where you

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