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Berghain – A Nightclub Unlike The Other

Berlin, Germany is world famous for its nightlife. Nightclubs, bars, and electronic music are available in almost any form imaginable and at almost any time imaginable. One club, Berghain, stands out as the hub of the techno music scene and as a truly unique club experience. Read on to find out what makes this club so special.

The Berlin Nightlife

If it’s nightclubs you’re looking for, look no further than Berlin, Germany. These days, few cities can hold a candle to Berlin when it comes to the 24 hour party scene. Young people flock from all over the world to sample Berlin’s nightlife and attendant music scene. Berlin boasts a seemingly endless number of clubs and bars to satisfy people of every persuasion. No matter what type of music you like, how old you are, or what sort of party scene you prefer, you can find something to perfectly suit your tastes in Berlin.

Where are the Berlin Nightclubs?

Berlin is a large city, and there are nightclubs scattered all over, but east Berlin the formerly Soviet occupied region of the city is the most alive after the sun goes down. The central boroughs of Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg are a partier’s best bets. Many guidebooks and Internet sites provide recommendations about which nightspots are the best, which will appeal most to particular types of people, and which are the current hotspots in the Berlin music scene.

When do Berlin Nightclubs Open?

The only type of person who may be dissatisfied with the Berlin club scene is the early bird. Not only is Berlin famous for its nightlife, it’s famous for how late its nightlife tends to be. Most people agree that midnight or 1 am are good times to arrive at Berlin nightclubs. Although most venues are open before then,

Jun 29

A Guide To Pub Etiquette

Pubs and “etiquette” probably two words you don’t here too often in the same sentence, however whether you realise it or not, there is without doubt an unwritten code regarding what goes on within pubs when it comes to a variety of situations and issues that may arise during the course of a drinking session.

Unlike bars and nightclubs, where etiquette is basically non-existent, pubs retain a sense of tradition where common courtesy should prevail irrespective of the blood alcohol levels of the patrons.

Whilst pub etiquette may vary from country to country, and even pub to pub, there are some general etiquette rules that seem to be ubiquitous. So if you aren’t familiar with these, then you’ve come to the right place:

Right of Way: Without question one of the fundamental pub etiquette principals is the right of way. All good pubs get crowded at some point, hence there needs to be a guiding principle on right of way when it comes to people trying to make their way through these crowds. In this instance the simple rule is the person carrying the most drinks is deemed to have the right of way, followed by women and then drunk people.
Finished Drinks: This typically applies to large groups of patrons who accumulate large amounts of empties. In this case, empty glasses should be stacked or grouped to make it easier for pub staff to clean up. This rule particularly applies to smaller, local pubs that tend to be short staffed.
Shouting Drinks: Shouting is probably the most fundamental piece of pub etiquette there is. Whilst the rules vary from group to group, basically it involves everyone taking turns in buying drinks at the pub.
Pool: Players waiting to play need to put a coin on the

Jun 28

A Florida Keys Pub Crawl

The Florida Keys are known for many things, namely pristine waters and all the activities that go along with. For certain, tourists come from worldwide to fish, dive and cruise in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. One thing that most tourist dont come here for is the nightlife. Mostly because, well, there isnt much nightlife north of Key West. However, next time you pass through the Upper Keys, pay a visit to the following spots.

Hog Heaven
Located in Islamorada, customers can enjoy a spectacular ocean view while enjoying something from a diverse menu and full bar at Hog Heaven. Guests can arrive by boat or by land and enjoy a full menu from 11am – 3:30am daily. Hog Heaven has, by far, the greatest Mac & Cheese you will ever eat. Now Im not talking your out of the box Kraft Mac & Cheese, but rather something youd expect from a over-priced Italian restaurant.

The Hog is also a great, and possibly the only, nightspot in the Upper Keys with your average mixed drink in the $6-$8 range. On a nice night hang out on the back deck & watch as boats pull up and the house gets packed!

Ocean View Inn
The Ocean View Sports Pub is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. The Ocean View Inn has been around for many years (they have the first liquor license issued in the Keys). While it doesnt look like much from the front, the best part of the bar is outside in the back. Youve got a great view of the water, plenty of seating and standing room, and a great mix of tourists and locals
This pub features:
* Ocean access – You can pull up

Jun 28

Bangalore Nightclubs & Pubs – Bangalore’s Pub Scene Just Got Hotter

Often referred to as the Pub Capital of India, the multicultural city of Bangalore is most famous for its nightlife. The night culture is dynamic, effervescent and cosmopolitan.

Among the many exceptional pubs and bars all across the city, HiNT is considered to be quite popular with the crowds. Encompassing two bars, two outside terraces, an inside lounge, dance floor, and a restaurant, this nightspot is set on the 5th floor of Bangalore Central Mall, providing a spectacular view of the city in all its glory and splendour.

Open from 8 pm until 11.30 pm everyday, entrance to this hotspot is absolutely free, though a cover charge is extracted from one and all. The HiNT lounge, pub and restaurant serves a wide variety of wine, whiskey, cocktails, mocktails, etc along with an extensive vegetarian and non-vegetarian food menu, which includes Chinese and Thai starters, appetizers, terrific Asian food and main courses among other things.

And while the service here cannot be considered bad, it cant even be considered first-rate. The music here ranges mainly from house to hip-hop to electro, which is completely handled by their in-house DJs. On one Saturday every month, HiNT goes global, so for those of you who are into international gigs, this is the place to be! It is said that the dance floor in the lounge is one of a kind; one that can be seen from every corner of the lounge.

The cool lasers have only made dancing even more fun here! With extremely comfy beanbags scattered everywhere, especially on the outside terraces, this is considered by some people to be one of the most romantic getaways in the city today.

However, this once sought out nighttime destination has lost some of its charm. There are some people who even consider

Jun 27

Board Games In Pubs And Bars

Have you ever wanted to sip down your beers while thrashing your mates over a game of ping pong or a friendly round of sbnakes and ladders? Now, with the new wave of bars playing host to sporting activities and board games in bars and pubs, you can. Pubs are no longer just about exercising the liver.

Games in bars was a concept introduced to the drinking world in the United States. In 2006, a stack of pubs opened with board games their main focus. Sipping cocktails over the ches board, doing shots each time your snake moved a space up the ladder and beers while spelling words in scrabble sounds different doesn’t it? Turns out, that Americans were embracing the new drinking experience with bar attendance going up. Perhaps drinkers in the US were getting bored with the same ideas and repetitive notion of going out, getting drunk, dancing, pashing randums and well, just doing it over and over again each weekend.

Australian bars have cottoned on now with Sydney leading the way in this new drinking experience. In late 2009, four smallish venues opened with great food, classic cocktails, funkey furniture and board games! Doctor Pong is a bar where patrons suck down beers along side a huge ping pong table. There is a Doctor Pong bar in Germany’s capital, Berlin and the Sydney sister has been popular – obvious through the long lines which snake out the door and down the street.

If ping pong isn’t your thing though do not despair. Another night spot in Sydney offering board games is Booty Bay. Take your pick of cluedo, monopoly or panic. They are all yours in this cute, relaxed space.

For some, games and bars aren’t a great combination. One police officer who chose to remain anonymis

Jun 25

Sarasota Florida Night Life

Sixty miles south of Tampa lay a little gem on the Western coast of Florida known as Sarasota. After a day of lounging on one of the 13 beaches that stretches over 35 miles of coastline, or discovering the rich and diverse culture along with the marine life, the day comes to a close but the nightlife is just beginning. Sarasota Florida has a nightlife that will appeal to the most discriminating of tastes. From the highly refined to letting it loose on the dance floor, Sarasota’s nightlife has the right nighttime activity just for you.

Being culturally diverse, Sarasota can have a refined elegant evening waiting as you and your date take in a symphony by the Florida West Coast Symphony or catch the Ballet at the Sarasota Ballet of Florida. After the show you can dine in one of the many fine restaurants like Ophelia’s On The Bay, located on Siesta Key where you can spend a relaxing evening dining on the Terrace overlooking Little Sarasota Bay sipping an exquisite wine and and tasting creative cuisines. Or, if you prefer a more local flavor, try the Rustic Grill that combines an old Florida flavor with global trends in downtown Sarasota.

Perhaps you are looking for great cuisine mixed with a bit of the Sarasota nightlife, look no further than Mattison’s City Grill located on Main Street and Lemon. Enjoy award winning Chef Paul Mattison’s exciting al fresco menu with an Italian flair. Sit outside on the patio and enjoy their great selection of fine wines with the sound of live music playing in the background while socializing with your friends.

Ready to dance the night away? Look no further than the old historic building on Main and Lemon, The Gator Club. The Gator Club was voted the best Nightclub in Sarasota

Jun 24

La Pub Tl De Hertz!

Colin Hay, le clbre chanteur australo-cossais, a commenc sa carrire dans le groupe australien Men at Work dans les annes 80. Lorsque le groupe a clat, il a continu en solo. Pendant quil faisait partie du groupe, il a connu de nombreux tubes dans les annes 80, et ses admirateurs lont suivi dans sa carrire solo, apprciant ses nouvelles chansons.

La chanson Waiting for my Real Life to begin de Colin Hay a t judicieusement utilise dans la pub tl de Hertz. Lintro est aussi utilise dans de nombreuses scnes mouvantes de Scrubs, une srie tl o le musicien a fait une brve apparition. Cette chanson a t crite par Colin Hay et Thom Mooney, et est dabord sortie en 1994 dans lalbum de Hay Topanga, puis en 2000 dans lalbum Going Somewhere.

La chanson de Hay est utilise dans la nouvelle pub de Hertz, qui dure 33 secondes. La campagne tl franaise dure du 3 mai au 4 juin. Elle passe sur les chanes suivantes : TF1, M6, Canal+, TMC, NRJ, W9, NT1, MTV, MCM, Virgin et Direct8.

Hertz, le leader mondial de location de vhicules, possde environ 8100 agences dans 147 pays travers le monde. Hertz est la plus grande marque de location de voitures au monde, et la premire agence de location dans les aroports aux Etats-Unis. Hertz possde 69 agences dans les principaux aroports dEurope, et propose ses propres agences ou des franchises en ville et dans les aroports en Amrique du Nord, Europe, Amrique latine, Australie et Nouvelle Zlande. De plus, lentreprise fonctionne aussi sous franchise dans des villes et aoports dAfrique, Asie et Moyen-Orient. Avec des innovations de produits et de services tels que Hertz #1 Club Gold, le systme de navigation NeverLost, la radio satellite SIRIUS, des voitures uniques et des

Jun 23

Popular Night Clubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, popularly known as Sin City is the capital city of United States of America. It is a party place full of fun, enthusiasm and entertainment as it has amazing night clubs on this planet. Here is the list of the popular Night clubs to enjoy the awesome night outs and Las Vegas Party with your dear ones.

On the top of the list is the Playboy Club located at the Palms. It is the one and only club in the world that offers the elegant clubbing facilities in the amazing style of a true Playboy as there is a roulette table and nine Blackjack tables in the interior of the club. This rolled up the fun and experience to the upmost level as you will be served by the dancing, lots of music, Playboy bunnies and gambling. Here in this club everyone got the awesome experience of clubbing which should not be missed.

Another awesome club in Las Vegas is the Moon, which is also located in the Palms. It is the club that offers some extraordinary offers of clubbing as compared to other night clubs. Moon night club is just one elevator above the Playboy night club on the 52nd floor but no doubt that the club plays vital role for providing futuristic clubbing facilities. Moreover, the night club is located on the top most floors in penthouse. The roof of the club is retractable and bends in from both sides in the style of a moon and get opened at the time of the dance and give very romantic and elegant look and on your way the floor get filled of laser infused fog. Moreover, the color of the tiles also changes from time to time with the spinning and tuning of the DJ. So, if you are

Jun 23

Night Life in Valencia

Valencia has a lot of entertainment to offer the visitors at night time and the night life in Valencia is simply awesome. There are number of activities for you to do at night in Valencia and you may get confused to choose between the night life activities in this 3rd most populated city of Spain.

The city has every thing you want to do including bars, discos, clubs, cinemas and theaters. Among all these options, you will find it difficult to participate in all activities. So, the doors are open for and the choice is yours which way do you want to go.

The nightlife in Valencia is at full charm during the weekend and the clubs have so much to entertain you. There are a number of restaurants as well which can offer you good ambiance with a highly fresh quality of food and drinks of your choice. So, you can enjoy whole night without even realizing the time.

This lovely city is famous for its festivals and events and you will find most of the time, this city celebrating a cultural event. So, the festivity is there in Valencia through out the years.

If you happen to visit this wonderful city during summers then you can surely participate in the famous festival called la Filmoteca de Verano. This is an open air festival which is organized in the famous Turja Gardens and selected films are showed during this famous festival.

Summer is the season of festivity in Valencia as people love coming out at night while enjoying the beauty of moon light. You will find Valencia full of crowd while enjoying the night life, sitting at open air clubs and bars and terraces of Barrio del Carmen which is located towards the north east side of the famous Town center.

You can also visit

Jun 18

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Contemporary Wine Storage

The wine is one of most important part of every function these days. No matter what kind of occasion or party you might have but if there is not a wine then it will definitely give a look of its absence. These days people are giving higher preference to the wine integration in their parties because it gives the classic as well as modern appearance to your event or party. This is quite true that the addition of wine in any event or party makes it complete and highly appreciative as well.

But when we add the wine in our parties then the major issue that we face is the mismanagement of bottles and then you would also need to chill them so that they could taste silky as well. The chilling and storing is most important problem that everyone faces when adding wine to their party or event is storing and chilling the bottles so that wine can be served exactly the way it should be served. And for this purpose the custom metal wine racks will play really very assistive role.

The wine cellars are used for this purpose which used to be complete rooms of the wine collection but these days it is not possible for everyone to give the entire room for the wine storage purpose but that does not decrease the importance and need of the wine storage facility. And for this purpose, the contemporary wine storage fulfills the wine storing needs easily and there is no need to spare entire room for the wine collection as well.

If you have less space in your home or kitchen and you still want to have a wine collection then the wine racking will give you a proper assistance which will allow you to keep

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