Apr 27

The Best Whiskey Brands like Irish Whiskey

The overall perception of people towards Canadian whiskeys has not been fair. They consider it as one dimensional, light and fruity whiskey. But, to carry a perception without drinking a whiskey is not fair at all. There is a lot of high quality Canadian Whiskies available in the market. Why don’t you try the following 5 Canadian whiskies, which I am going to mention in this article and then decide what you have to say about it:

Seagrams VO – Now this whiskey is a good introduction to Canadian Whiskey. It is sweet, light and fruity, which makes it apt to use with for making cocktails. Light, fruity and made for mixing, try this with soda for an easy cocktail. It is considered as a sipper and is a very good whiskey to go with Cocktails. Although, it falls in the category of -typical Canadian-, but that’s the main USP of it.

Canadian Club Reserve – This whiskey is a combination of vanilla, fruit cake, and walnuts, and is also referred to as 10 years whiskey. It has a very unique taste of its own. But a lot of people prefer to mix it with other drinks. Try this one, and you won’t regret your decision.

Crown Royal Reserve – Its price is twice as that of Crown royal, and like the price, it is twice as better as Crown Royal premium Whiskey. If you need any whiskey to represent Canadian whiskeys, then this is the one. I always drink this whiskey to celebrate a special occasion or for a very special celebration. Just a few inches of this whiskey with a couple of ice cubes has the power to send you to heaven, with your feet on the ground.

Canadian Mist- This one goes well with classic cocktails. It is a sweet whiskey, with a hint of spice and vanilla. Plus, it is very easy to drink, which makes it a perfect drink for any occasion.

Canadian Club 30 Year- Now, this is one of the finest whiskeys to come out of Canada. It is also considered as one of the best whiskeys of the world. It is a warm and attractive whiskey, which slowly rises on you and reveals a great flavor of dried apricots, caramels, peaches & vanilla. And if you think that is enough, then wait for the awesome hazelnut finish that lasts for more than 10 minutes. And with just over 3000 bottles of such whiskey, it is not just one of the best wines but the rarest whiskeys of the world.


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