Apr 18

Types of Wine – What is Natural Wine

I am sure that you have heard all about natural wines. While a very controversial topic, it is important for you to understand and know about natural wines. You cannot have an effective argument either for or against natural wines if you know nothing about them or the controversy which they have brought to the wine world. This article will help you have an intelligent debate with your best wine friends. Reading the following article will help you decide which side of the debate you stand on. Do you know if you are for or against natural wines? Here is a little something to help you decide.

Natural wine is wine that is manufactured with as few technological and chemical processes as possible. Try not to confuse Natural wine with organic wine. Organic wine is wine that is made using grapes that are grown organically. Organic wines may be subject to various technological processes during their creation. One might ask themselves why there is so much controversy over natural wine. One of the main arguments in the debate against natural wine is that there is no official certification body that deems what is considered natural and what is not considered natural. Many natural wine manufacturers have different views on what may be considered natural wine. There are many differing views on how much technological intervention a wine can be put through and still be considered natural.

Although there is much controversy, there are a few universal definitions on what makes a wine natural. Some of these definitions include no added sugars, no foreign yeasts, no filtration, no acidity adjustment, no additives, no reverse osmosis, and grapes that are not grown in a high-yielding vineyard. The article that you have just read should give you a little bit more insight into the concept of natural wine. You can choose for yourself whether you want to include natural wines in your home, wine tastings, or wine store.


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