Jan 30

Whiskey Decanters And Grown Up Drinking

I do not think I will ever forget the moment I first realized the implicate value of whiskey decanters. It was at a party with some older family members who were drinkers but never trouble drinkers. This was the wing of my family that sat around having rousing laughs and boisterous chatter but never caddy shrill dialogue. Instead, these were the family members who truly understood what made gentlemen and ladies captivating on a personal level. It was not your stories of debauchery and sin, it was your moments of wit and charm. They drank not because they hoped to be three sheets to the wind, they drank because a fine whiskey was something put on this earth to pleasure and entrance. The complexities of flavors available in a good scotch were not something to be “gotten through” in service of getting drunk, they were something to enjoy wholly.

So back to the aforementioned whiskey decanter, it seemed perfect and almost too mature for my own good. They poured me some Macallan 18 year old single malt scotch whiskey neat. (Neat for those that do not know means without ice.) I smelled before I drank, something I say the older folks doing, and was surprised to not be taken aback by the scent. Instead I noticed just how interesting it smelled. I sipped and let it hit my pallet and was immediately enjoying scotch-whiskey and really liquor as a whole for the first time. Sure I had drank the stuff but this was a new experience all together.

This is what proper drinking can be and it is not just a thing with whiskey. Wine and mixed drinks can also take on a new life in the proper glass drink dispenser. These drink dispensers can allow the beverages to breath in new ways opening up flavors. They also simply make the drinking more presentable and less sloppy by nature. The whole world of barware and tabletop accessories is really about making drinking not an act of rowdy whimsey but instead a social and noble pursuit with a particular flavor to each option.

Taking your drinking from the world of dumb frat-house exhibition to intelligent and refined casual enjoyment can take some personal attributes that not everyone has. Notably it takes restraint and the patient development of a strong pallet able to understand complex flavors that might not initially taste right. Developing patience and understanding can be great ways to show your overall maturity and take you away from the rowdy troublesome part of the family in favor of the more culturally astute and charming side of the family.


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