Jul 06

Whiskey In The News

Whiskey is one of the most talked about, written about, and gossiped about drinks in the world. Between historic auctions, new offerings, and other exciting happenings the whiskey enthusiast has a lot to keep up on. Here are a few eye catching stories.

One of the most interesting things happening in the world of scotch whiskey is the birth of so called ‘whiskey liqueurs’ like Jack Daniels Honey or Rock and Rye. Birth is a deceptive term because these liqueurs have been around for some time, but only recently have large distilleries tried to market them. Although liqueurs are popular around the world the trend never really took hold here in America. Now distilleries that rely on single malt scotches or bourbon for their bread and butter are trying to create an opening, often by piggy backing off the gourmet food or ‘foodie’ movement. Will they be a success? This is unclear. Although mixologists have long relied on whiskey liqueurs and liqueur in general for cocktails many people have trouble imaging Americans drinking liqueurs as an aperitif or digiestif. Fans of scotch whiskey should at least give whiskey liqueur a try. Usually it is a mix of single malt scotch and honey, fruits, or spices. It is by no means whiskey but is also by no means unpleasant.

Have you been seeing more Dalmore whiskey lately? Perhaps you’ve seen advertisements for it when you go buy whiskey at the liquor store or when browsing to buy scotch online? That’s because the historic brewery is undergoing a rebranding of sorts. Years of lagging sales led the company to take on some new investors and use the influx of cash to shake things up. They have new ad campaign, new products, and a re-design of their stag logo. Dalmore has long been a trusted single malt scotch brand so if you haven’t tried it yet now may be the time. The company and its new financiers are hoping the rebranding coupled with the distilleries historic clout will boost sales.

In some wackier whiskey related news the world record for most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold was secured this year. What whiskey took the cake? It was a $94,000 bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve. Only 11 have ever been sold! You have to wonder what a $94,000 whiskey tastes like. If that is out of your budget you can always buy one of the many more affordable Glenfiddich single malt scotches.


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