Mar 26

Whiskey Row Puts Prescott On The Map

Natives of Arizona and travelers alike will no doubt make a stop at the historic Whiskey Row when driving near Prescott. A rebuilt block of saloons, The Row gives visitors a taste of the typical Wild West of 1900. A century ago the entire wood line of buildings was destroyed by fire, but quickly reconstructed with lasting bricks. Today, the street is one of Prescotts greatest attractions, with several additions to the original sights.

Prior to 1900, the block was home to a boastful 40 saloons, complete with brothels. Rumor has it that the original buildings were located a few blocks over, but moved in order to prevent the need for customers to cross a footbridge on the way home. Supposedly it was not uncommon for intoxicated men to stumble into the water and drown; or so the story goes. Prescotts natives and those in surrounding areas frequented the area not only for whiskey, but food, hotels, services, and socializing. The fire that demolished the entire row of buildings only put owners out of business for a few months. Rebuilding began immediately in the new styles of the times, using bricks that ended the problem of burning. Several of the designs have become well-known sights such as the Highland Hotel and The Palace.

A large portion of the stories and history of Prescott are tied to Whiskey Row. With the architecture essentially intact even today, the sight draws visitors each year. They are able to see a unique and realistic picture of the west of 1905. Since the city has the history in place, they have restored and added to the downtown area making it a fun and lively place. They boast music, late night food, and daytime sights and legends. Shops surround the area with authentic antiques and mementos. Between word of mouth and marketing, the Row can expect thousands every Fourth of July for a serious celebration. The streets are closed off and opened to foot traffic there to look around and enjoy a party.

With a beautiful location in the mountains, Prescott has plenty to offer, but perhaps the biggest draw is Whiskey Row. Adding a bit of color and questionable past brings in the curious who then will often stay to spend some time and money in the Arizona town and surrounding nature. Prescott is put on the map by its history, so the city continues to restore and care for the buildings of its heritage.


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